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Who is CRSDO

Covenant For Relief Services And Development Organization

The primary driving force for the establishment of the organization is to contribute to the national development initiatives and improve the situation of vulnerable people in the community like children, women, elderly people and those who live with disabilities. The groups mentioned are the most vulnerable groups targeted by poverty, social exclusion and harmful traditional practices which are identified by CRSDO as Civil Society Organization. The main office of CRSDO is located in Gambella Ethiopia meanwhile other branches are located in Addis Ababa. Therefore, Organizational structure of CRSDO is framed on the basis of the hierarchical order of the General Assembly, the Auditor, the Board of Directors and the Management.


Our Vision

To support the basic and social needs of the most vulnerable people in the community by standing firm with them to ensure that the services are delivered effectively.

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Tackling Poverty

One of the reasons we are here is to address the issue of poverty in the community. This is a rampant issue that has seen tens and hundreds of families go without their basic needs. This is an issue that needs to be dealt with the soonest.

Make Big Impact

CRSDO is an organization whose main agenda is to raise a bold voice, leave a mark and make a big impact in the community; i.e. Ethiopia, East Africa and beyond. We are here to leave an impact.

Unite The Society

A community is meant to remain together and united. However, this has changed over the years owing to different factors including poverty, lack of good education e.t.c. By addressing this issue, we hope to unite our society again.


Our Organization Goals

Covenant For Relief Services And Development Organization

1 To support the developmental activities which contribute into the transformation of people’s life and enhance the wellbeing of the society.
2 To participate into women empowerment and promote gender equality in the society and supports to the most vulnerable groups like widows, children, disables and elderly people in the society by transforming their lives and capacitate them for self-reliance.
3 To provide emergency response to the people affected by disasters and establish preparedness mechanisms for the prone areas which are susceptible to both natural and manmade disasters.
4 To provide health care, sanitation and hygiene to the community and contribute into the environmental protection and awareness.
5 To offer capacity building through short and long term training which coach the staff on job and strengthen the wellbeing of the local society.
6 To remain neutral in all affairs which relate to the politics and religion and shall not affiliate itself with any political party or religious organization.
Our Team


Pastor Mathew Jock Moses

CRSDO Board Chairman

Mr. Leng Yang Rik

Executive Director of CRSDO

Miss Jane

Treasurer CRSDO

Miss Mary

Secretary CRSDO